Based on global leading PLC controllers as Siemens, Allen-Bradley or Phoenix Contact, we offer realizations using newest control systems programming and using clients’ specified quality standards and functional requirements.

Realization of complex projects in following industries: automotive, chemical, power plants, mining as well as maritime and aerospace.

About us


We are a team of ambitious and highly specialized engineers, for whom knowledge and experience is essential in the quest for perfection.


We participated in many projects, for smaller and bigger brands, gaining experience to conduct highly advanced and complex projects.

Technical expertise

Thanks to passion and continuous learning on, theoretical and practical level, we gained the competence to carry out even the most difficult projects.


Within all our projects, we perform all our tasks with the highest accuracy, precision and correctness in verification of deployment of our implementation.


With high levels of competence we provide a wide range of services – from individual implementations to complex projects with post-commissioning standby.


Having in mind the constant development of technology, we are continuously introducing innovative solutions with aim to optimize automated processes.

How do we work

1 Consulting and analysis of client’s needs
2 Preparation of electrical circuit schematics
3 Preparation of offline programs for PLC
4 Creation of SCADA visualizations
5 Software tests / virtual run
6 Start the line on the target object
7 Service maintenance
8 Specialized training